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Real Mortgage Rates

Mortgages and mortgage shopping is a task that is best approached only after careful consideration and research in order to avoid a potentially life-changing mistake. Not all lenders are the same and neither are the mortgage products they offer or the terms they will offer with those mortgages. For a loan that will take you 30 years and eat up a substantial portion of your monthly income, you should think, not only twice, but three, four, five or six times before you sign on the dotted line. Your mortgage rates and mortgage term will set a standard for a significant portion of your life for years to come.

Many Variables to Consider

When shopping for a new home your excitement is understandable. If you are currently a home owner and seeking to refinance your loan or draw out the equity in your home your anticipation of your new loan and mortgage rate is understandable but may lead to making costly mistakes if you are not prepared to shop properly for your mortgage and take precautionary steps against fraud and fatigue with the mortgage, escrow and closing process.

The easiest and most significant way to avoid falling into a costly mistake when mortgage shopping is to choose a mortgage or mortgage product without comparing from among multiple offers. Many home buyers choose their lender based on a recommendation from a friend or real estate agent and, due to the long process of filling out an application for a mortgage loan, do not think to seek quotes from other lenders. In addition, they may be unaware that it is possible to receive quotes for mortgage rates from multiple lenders without adversely affecting their credit score due to too many inquiries.

Real Mortgage Rates presents an opportunity for anyone who is in need of a mortgage product to get multiple quotes from a qualified and vetted network of lenders from around the country. These lenders will present you with their quotes in direct competition with each other - providing you with the best offer they can come up with. You are allowed to sleep on the offers and make a decision about them at your leisure. Best of all there is no cost to you to use this service. You may, without fee or obligation fill out a single simple form and receive multiple quotes for the mortgage product you need. These offers are further adjustable to your need as well, including changing the terms or locking in your interest rate from a float when you feel it is appropriate.